- Production information like item quantity, product specs, time constraints, in-depth product reference information, data from bill of materials, routing information; 

- Accurate reporting on progress against production orders: amounts, time spent, issue resolution; 

- Access to real-time data avoids stoppages to search for additional reference information; 

- Visibility into equipment performance data and connected devices (IoT) increase efficiency and decrease downtime; 

- Empower operators to set, meet and exceed targets and goals with access to their own work process. 

In this eBook, you'll learn how a modular ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you take back control of shop floor operations:

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Discover the powerful capabilities of Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management for Shop Floor Control 

Armed with advanced digital capabilities, discrete, process and mixed-mode manufacturers gain visibility into performance and operations data from supply chain and inventory management down to tracking parts and operator productivity on the shop floor.  

It's this unified core that powers connected factories, driving more efficient operations, boosting productivity, minimizing costly downtime, and improving deliverability. All of which greatly contribute to the organization's bottom line.